Small Businesses: Get Two Months Free on the Big Sky Super

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The Billings Gazette is not where I usually look for HPC news, but yesterday they posted this great story on the Big Sky supercomputer in Butte, one of the “better-kept secrets” in Montana. Earl Dodd, president and chief executive of the Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center is now touring the state offering the power of HPC to small- and medium-sized businesses. And the service is free until at least the end of 2010.

If you do not compute, you do not compete. That’s what makes people thrive in this global economy, the knowledge economy,” said Dodd.

A Montana nonprofit corporation, Rocky Mountain was founded in late 2008 with the purpose of bringing the HPC Cloud to Montana and to bring technical people like Dodd back home. The supercomputer was running by July 2009, and primarily serves large companies, and universities, but now the shift is toward smaller companies.