Webinar: Voltaire Fabric Collective Accelerator Frees Up Your CPUs

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Today Voltaire announced that their Fabric Collective Accelerator reduces runtime of leading commercial HPC applications by up to 30 percent when used with Platform MPI and HP servers.

Voltaire FCA software accelerates MPI collective operations by using Voltaire switches and their on-board processors to offload significant parts of group communication onto the switching fabric while Voltaire Unified Fabric Manager™ software (UFM™) orchestrates an efficient, topology-based collective flow. Working in concert, these products ensure that all bottlenecks are removed, at both the server and interconnect levels. The computational acceleration is achieved transparently without requiring changes to the application.

According to Voltaire’s Asaf Wachtel, the beauty of the FCA solution is that the larger the scale, the greater the performance benefit. It introduces a new concept of fabric computing using a combination of software and hardware along with knowledge of the network topology to offload compute -intensive tasks. For more details on FCA, check out this webinar replay.