Book Review Provides Sneak Peek at SC10 Keynote

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I’m really looking forward to Clayton Christensen’s SC10 keynote this year on disruptive technology. As a preview, this week Mark Suster over at Cloud Avenue reviewed Christensen’s book The Innovator’s Dillema.

The thesis of the book is that incumbents in markets – especially large and well entrenched markets – seldom survive fundamental technology changes in their industries. In a world where we’ve seen newspapers crumbling, record labels struggling and Blockbuster imploding and making way for the rise of Netflix it seems kinda intuitive to most of us but we can’t quite place why this happens.

Suster uses profanity in his review, which is a shame, but I think he has some good insights into this topic. The past year or two has seen some great HPC companies fall into acquisition (SGI and Sun Microsystems for example) and this book is now on my must read list.