Bull's Tera 100 at CEA: Europe's First Petascale Super

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The Tera 100 supercomputer at CEA in France has officially broken the Petaflops barrier. With benchmarked performance of 1.05 million billion operations a second (1.05 Petaflops) on the LINPACK benchmark, Tera 100 ranks as the most powerful supercomputer in Europe, and should soon rank as one of the fastest systems on the TOP500 list that will come out November 15, 2010.

Tera 100’s proven performance clearly demonstrates the quality of the partnership between the CEA-DAM’s teams and those from Bull in technologies that are vital both to State sovereignty and corporate competitiveness,” said Jean Gonnord, Director for Numerical Simulation & Computer Sciences at CEA/DAM. “This opens up the way for even more powerful systems, and for even greater co-operation in the design and development of the next generation of European computers; the Exa-scale systems that are expected to appear before 2020.”

With a 83.7% efficiency rating, the Tera 100 cluster comprises 4,370 bullx S series servers, equipped with 17,480 Intel Xeon 7500 processors. The system has a total memory capacity of 300 TB and features 20 petabytes of disc capacity.

Bull will showcase their HPC products at SC10 booth number 2121.