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Clustercorp Brings Folding@Home to SC10 via EC2 Cloud

Clustercorp and its partners have joined to provide free EC2 instances to run Folding@Home in the cloud with Rocks+ during SC10. Conference attendees and online participants may launch fully populated compute instances by scanning a QR Code on the show floor with their mobile phones or by visiting from their computers.

“Clustercorp is thrilled to have launched Rocks+ for Amazon EC2 earlier this year,” said Tim McIntire, CEO and Co-Founder of Clustercorp. “For cloud computing to reach its full potential, complex multi-instance management must be solved – our Supercomputing 2010 Folding@Home run demonstrates how administrators can leverage the same powerful tools that have become the de facto standard in the cluster computing space to build and manage solutions in the cloud.”

You find Clustercorp at the AMD exhibit at SC10, booth #3119.

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