Podcast: AMAX Showcases GPU Solutions & Personal Supercomputers at SC10

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In this podcast, I discuss the latest HPC developments at AMAX with Matt Thauberger, the company’s Corporate Technology Advisor, and Julia Shih, Strategic Alliance Manager. Download the MP3 or Subscribe on iTunes.

AMAX made a number of announcements around SC10 including:

  • ServMax Xn-5801G High-Density GPGPU Cluster Solution is a 1792-GPU core server with 8 x86 sockets in a 5U enclosure.
  • StorMax Ultra-Dense JBOD Expansion Storage with dual SAS 2.0 module fill-over design and 4 SAS 6Gb/sec ports. Features dual redundant power supply and is an ideal building block to scale out NAS or scale up NAS.
  • ServMax GPGPU Personal Supercomputer is powered by the massively parallel CUDA architecture and supports four NVIDIA Tesla C2050 or C2070 GPUs transforming a workstation into the equivalent of a small cluster at 5% the power consumption and 10% the cost. It delivers an astounding 4.12 Teraflops of performance in a single chassis.
  • ServMax GPGPU Supercomputing Server with 2.06 Teraflops of computing horsepower is the fastest 1U server available. Powered by the massively parallel CUDA architecture and Tesla GPU computing processors, it can seamlessly fit into existing HPC environments and is ideal for financial services applications.