Bright Cluster Manager Finds a Home at TACC FutureGrid Project

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This week Bright Computing announced that the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) is using Bright Cluster Manager to manage its HPC Cluster in the FutureGrid project, an experimental grid and cloud test-bed comprised of about 1,000 advanced computer processing units distributed across the United States. TACC’s role in the project is to host one of FutureGrid’s six current HPC clusters, to contribute to the development of the user portal, and to provide tools to help users perform experiments.

Tommy Minyard, Director of Advanced Computing Systems at TACC comments: “TACC always evaluates several vendors, and for this particular project Bright was the best choice. We were impressed with the Bright Cluster Manager demo at the SC’09 conference and decided to make a detailed evaluation here at TACC. Our findings confirmed to us that Bright was what we needed: a powerful cluster management solution that is easy to use, flexible and very capable. Bright met our demanding requirements straight out of the box.”

In other news, Bright Computing announced that Goethe University Frankfurt is using Bright Cluster Manager to manage its new LOEWE-CSC supercomputer. In the latest release of the TOP500 supercomputer rankings, LOEWE-CSC is listed as number 22 and is also the fastest ATI GPU-based system in the world.