Survey: HPC Users have Satisfaction Gap

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A new survey indicates that HPC users are unsatisfied with the current state of memory bandwidth and parallel programming tools.

Intersect360 Research conducted a brief survey of HPC Advisory Council members that asked respondents to rate the importance of various HPC technology components, along with their perceived effectiveness in solving HPC problems. The survey addressed both users and vendors, with vendor organizations giving their perceptions of importance and effectiveness to users. Respondents also rated the anticipated impact of several new technologies to HPC environments over the next two years.

This presentation summarizes the results of the survey, comparing users’ responses to vendors’. In addition Intersect360 Research presents a “Satisfaction Gap” analysis that compares the results of two questions in order to examine areas of relative dissatisfaction with important technologies — i.e., areas that are perceived relatively high in importance but relatively low in satisfaction or effectiveness. The brief results presentation provides some key insights into what areas vendors and users should pay attention to in 2011.