Whitepaper: HP Cluster Platform 3000SL a Balanced Approach to HPC

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While more and more companies are embracing HPC by utilizing clusters of computers, application performance doesn’t always scale with expectations. In this HP whitepaper, the company describes how the HP Cluster Platform 3000SL balanced computing system delivers increased density while fully leveraging economies of scale.

To meet the specific requirements of this growing population of customers, HP designed the HP ProLiant SL family of servers. With a modular architecture based on an ultra-efficient design philosophy, HP ProLiant SL servers are built to enable massive compute environments, while using fewer components and less energy for power and cooling. This innovative design enables the HP ProLiant SL family to drive excellent savings:

  • Installed to fill a 100,000-square-foot data center, the SL line could cut 51,842 megawatts of electricity per year—or enough energy to power 4600 average U.S. homes.
  • In the same data center, the SL line removes 838.5 tons of weight—an amount equal to 4.3 Boeing 747 jets. This reduces shipping costs, data center construction costs and the total energy footprint.

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