Call for Nominations: IDC's HPC Innovation Excellence Award

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Earl Joseph and the crew from IDC have issued a call for nominations for the first annual HPC Innovation Excellence Award Program. Designed to increase HPC adoption through the publication of ROI success stories, the program will recognize HPC users and their vendors for major achievements in industry, government and academia.

While there are multiple benchmarks to measure the performance of technical computers, there currently isn’t an adequate methodology to evaluate the economic and scientific value HPC systems contribute. The HPC Innovation Excellence Award Program is designed to help close that gap,” said Earl Joseph of IDC. “The award program provides an important means for gathering more quantified ROI success stories. Through identifying clear ROI examples, we expect to demonstrate more convincingly the close link between HPC and economic/scientific innovation and competitiveness.”

IDC hopes that the program will shed more light on new and emerging markets for HPC, such as the Missing Middle of small and medium businesses who could benefit from high performance computing, but haven’t made the plunge.

Attention vendors: Be sure nominate your customers by March 31, 2011. The first round of awards will be given out at the annual ISC conference the week of June 19, 2011 in Hamburg, Germany.

Download the nomination form in .docx format or PDF.