DICE Selects Bright Cluster Manager for Internal Testing

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Avetec’s DICE HPC research division recently published an in-depth report on the Bright Computing Cluster Manager 5.1 software. They must have been impressed because now DICE has selected Bright Cluster Manager to manage their internal test clusters.

Bright Cluster Manager is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cluster management solution for HPC systems,” said Mark Corcoran, Sales Director at Bright Computing. “This software is the only cluster management system built from scratch as a single application, rather than as a loosely coupled toolkit. The powerful graphical user interface and simple point-and-click functionality takes the pain out of managing complex clusters, even those comprising a mixture of CPU and GPU technologies.”

Vendors, industry, academia, and government laboratories rely on DICE’s independent, vendor-neutral testing body to obtain real-world production scale performance data about products and technologies.