Intel Launches Visual Computing Lab, First Academic Science and Technology Center

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This week Intel launched the ISTC Visual Computing lab, the first of several Intel Science and Technology Centers that will fund significant academic research in areas important to the company’s long term future.

I’m especially excited about the prospect of investing with significantly large research grants in the leading U.S. universities. Through the ISTC model, Intel is increasing by as much as 5x the size of our direct investment in U.S. academic community over what we were investing through our previous Open Collaborative model. This is good for Intel, good for the universities, and especially good for promising young students and researchers who are considering whether or not to go on to graduate school. One of our aims is to really encourage, and provide the means by which, young up-and-coming researchers will go to graduate school and eventually decide on a long-term career at Intel.

Intel says it hopes to launch half a dozen ISTCs by the end of 2012.