VizHPC: Power Walls Made Easy

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Having helped build a few power walls at various events myself, I can tell you that it takes a lot of work, patience, and expertise. That sounds like a business opportunity. Enter X-ISS with their newly announced VizHPC service.

In a turnkey solution, VizHPC combines reference configuration clusters with all the software, testing, and installation services needed to deploy power walls at customer facilities in a fast and efficient manner.

Our new Dell visualization cluster is proving extremely valuable not only to our research efforts, but we also plan to have our impressive viz-wall serve as a way to showcase the capabilities of Louisiana Tech University to alumni and donors, students and prospective students, said Dr. Jean Gourd, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science. “In working with X-ISS on our visualization wall installation and knowledge-transfer, I was excited to see the project transform from boxes of equipment one day, to a completely integrated system, including hardware, middleware and applications, the next. It provided peace-of-mind knowing the details of installing a complex system like this were being taken care of, allowing us to focus on working with researchers on their specific needs.”

In case you missed it,  this podcast features and interview with Deepak Khosala, President of X-ISS. The company’s HPC solutions range from complete outsourced system management to DecisionHPC, a web-based monitoring & analytics software package.