HipHaC'11 Publishes HPC Proceedings as Free Download

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The Second International Workshop on New Frontiers in High-performance and Hardware-aware Computing (HipHaC’11) has published their proceedings as a free download. The event took place February 13, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas.

This workshop aims at combining new aspects of parallel, heterogeneous, and reconfigurable microprocessor technologies with concepts of high-performance computing and, particularly, numerical solution methods. Compute- and memory-intensive applications can only benefit from the full hardware potential if all features on all levels are taken into account in a holistic approach.

Papers include:

  • Convey HC-1 Hybrid Core Computer – The Potential of FPGAs in Numerical Simulation: Werner Augustin, Jan-Philipp Weiss, and Vincent Heuveline
  • Optimized Replacement in the Configuration Layers of the Grid Alu Processor: Ralf Jahr, Basher Shehan, Sascha Uhrig, and Theo Ungerer
  • Performance Engineering of an Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Algorithm for Sparse Representation of Signals on Different Architectures: Markus Stürmer, Florian Rathgeber, and Harald Köstler
  • Impact of Data Sharing on CMP design: A study based on Analytical Modeling: Anil Krishna, Ahmad Samih, and Yan Solihin
  • Traffic Prediction for NoCs using Fuzzy Logic: Gervin Thomas, Ben Juurlink, and Dietmar Tutsch
  • GPU Acceleration of the Assembly Process in Isogeometric Analysis: Nathan Collier, Hyoseop Lee, Aron Ahmadia, Craig C. Douglas, and Victor M. Calo
  • GPU Accelerated Scientific Computing: Evaluation of the NVIDIA Fermi Architecture; Elementary Kernels and Linear Solvers: Hartwig Anzt, Tobias Hahn, Björn Rocker, and Vincent Heuveline