HPCC Conference Celebrates 25 Years

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Mike Bernhardt from The Exascale Report has written a document commemorating the 25th anniversary of the HPCC Conference, which will take place March 29-31, 2011 in Newport, RI.

For 25 years, HPCC has gathered the best and the brightest in high performance computing. And since the beginning, it has been organized by John Miguel, who retired from the Navy labs in 1992.

LSU’s Thomas Sterling, a regular conference attendee, had this to say about John Miguel:

John has delivered a special service to the community. Never claiming the limelight or demanding center stage in HPC, he has delivered a special service without which the field would be less effective and certainly less enjoyable. John is a quiet contributor who seeks out the perspectives of key leaders in the advancement of supercomputing with a unique balance of future vision with current needs. In his third decade in this role, he is a friendly catalyst that motivates contribution and garners appreciation. The Newport meeting is his legacy to the rest of us; and we are the better for it.”

The HPCC 25 Year Anniversary document is available for download. There are still a few seats available, so be sure to register today.