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Andy Bechtolsheim to Present at Structure Big Data March 23, 2011

Andy Bechtolsheim from Arista Networks will present Thinking on a Big, Big, Bigger Scale at the Structure Big Data conference on March 23, 2011 in New York.

Andy Bechtolsheim is a legend in the computer industry and High Performance Computing world. He has co-founded several game changing startups — most notably Sun Microsystems, Granite Systems (that produced Gigabit Ethernet), and more recently, Arista Networks. At Arista, his focus is on creating ultra-high-speed connections between the machines that make up a warehouse-scale data center deployment. In this chat with Andy, we’ll talk about the progression of computer technology and what technology challenges are before the industry as we embark on a big data future.

I’m told that all the Structure presentations will be streamed live, so be sure to check out the conference schedule for details.

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