First Time Ever: SC11 SCinet To Feature 10 Gbps OpenFlow Network

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Each year, SCinet supports the SC conference series with a leading-edge network. In order to foster and highlight developments in network research. Now, for the first time, the SC11 SCinet Research Sandbox (SRS) will a support a 10 Gbps, multi-vendor OpenFlow network testbed

“OpenFlow allows the creation of software-defined network policy. The ability to “program the network” stands to be a significant innovation in HPC, an arena that depends on, and pushes, the capabilities of network infrastructure. Our current plan is to provide a non-trivial topology consisting of OpenFlow switches in the SCinet network, and to connect these to the GENI testbed. The SRS will also provide VMs for running the OpenFlow “flowvisor,” and 2-3 hosts for research experiments. The final OpenFlow network testbed architecture will be defined after review of the proposed experiments.”

SC11 is soliciting submissions for participation in the SRS. Submissions should describe the nature of the experiments, desired outcomes, the relevance to the HPC community, as well as a description of the network requirements and vendor collaborations (if appropriate.) Proposals are due on Friday, June 1, 2011.