Intel Single Chip Cloud Wins German Green Tech Award

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Intel’s Sean Koehl writes that German government recently presented Intel with an award for the development of the 48-core concept vehicle, the Single Chip Cloud Computer. The research chip won a German Innovation Prize for Climate and the Environment in the category “Environmentally Friendly Technologies.” Franz Olbrich, from the Intel lab in Germany which co-led the design of the SCC, traveled to Berlin to accept the award today on behalf of the company.

The SCC has also been shared with worldwide research partners through Intel’s recently launched Many-core Applications Research Community (MARC), a program aimed at spurring innovations in highly parallel software. More than 100 teams are conducting research on programming models, operating systems, development tools and programming languages for both microprocessors and data centers of the future. As a final note – in accepting the award Franz also announced today that Intel plans to match the 25,000 Euro prize and donate it to a scholarship program which sponsors talented, high-profile students in Germany.