New Book Examines Scientific Application Performance Tuning

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A new book by LBNL’s David Bailey and Sam Williams entitled, Performance Tuning of Scientific Applications presents current research in performance analysis from some of the most notable experts in the field.

Other Berkeley Lab contributors to the book include Kathy Yelick, Mark Adams, John Bell, Vincent Beckner, Jonathan Carter, Khaled Ibrahim, Juan Meza, John Shalf, Hongzhang Shang, Erich Strohmaier, Lenoid Oliker, Lin-Wang Wang, Harvey Wasserman and Zhengji Zhao.

We really got a ‘dream team’ of contributors,” says Bailey who is a chief technologist in the Berkeley Lab’s High Performance Computational Research Department. “When we originally sketched out the chapters, we sought the very most knowledgeable people in the field, many of which came from the Department of Energy’s Performance Engineering Research Institute, the Berkeley Lab and one author is from the University of Barcelona, Spain, so this was truly an international collaboration.”