Video: Green Grid's New Data Center Maturity Model for Energy Efficiency

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In this video, Harkeeret Singh, Global Head of Energy for Technology Operations in Thomson Reuters, discusses the new Data Center Maturity Model developed by the Green Grid:

With input from representatives around the world, The Green Grid has developed the Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM), which provides clear goals and direction for improving energy efficiency and sustainability across all aspects of the data center. The DCMM touches upon the major components of the data center, including power, cooling, compute, storage, and network. The levels of the model outline current best practices and a five-year roadmap for the industry. The DCMM provides capability descriptions by data center area such that operators can benchmark their current performance using the Data Center Maturity Model Equalizer, thereby determining their levels of maturity and identifying the ongoing steps and innovations required as part of their data center and IT strategy to achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability improvements, both today and into the future.

Download the whitepaper on the Data Center Maturity Model.