Fujitsu 10 GigE Bundle Available from ColfaxDirect

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As Fujitsu moves back into the HPC market, they have more than just servers to sell. This week ColfaxDirect announced the availability of the Fujitsu 10 Gigabit Ethernet bundle, which the company described as being ideal for high-bandwidth data transfers, such as high-frequency trading. The bundle, which includes a 10GbE Fujitsu switch and Solarflare 10GbE adapter cards, create a “one-stop-shop for high-performance networking solutions.”

“ offers the widest choice of 10GbE and InfiniBand products at the best prices,” said Mike Fay, vice president, sales, Colfax International. “We are pleased to offer the latest Fujitsu 10GbE bundle which brings a new level of performance metrics to support high-bandwidth data transfers, such as high-frequency trading.”

The Fujitsu networking bundle is now available for purchase through with US list pricing beginning at $12,650.