PRACE Award Goes to Paper on Astrophysical Particle Simulations using GPUs

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Authors of a paper on Astrophysics have been selected as winners of the 2011 PRACE Award, which will be presented ISC’11 in Hamburg. This year’s PRACE Award goes to the paper titled “Astrophysical Particle Simulations with Large Custom GPU Clusters on Three Continents” signed by a group of authors: R. Spurzem, P. Berczik, T. Hamada, K. Nitadori, G. Marcus, A. Kugel, R. Manner, I. Berentzen, J. Fiestas, R. Banerjee and R. Klessen.

This paper is an excellent example of what can be achieved through international and interdisciplinary collaboration to exploit new HPC technologies”, says Prof. Richard Kenway, Chairman of the PRACE. “Astrophysicists and computer scientists in Germany and China demonstrate nearly linear strong scaling on up to 170 GPUs at a third of peak performance for large-scale simulations of dense star clusters using machines in Europe, China and the USA. The work points the way to exploit exascale technologies for problems at the forefront of science.”

The PRACE award will be presented to Peter Berczick and Guillermo Marcus during the ISC’11 Opening Session on Monday, June 20, starting at 9:30AM. The winner will receive sponsorship for participation in a training event or a conference relevant to petascale computing.