SGI ICE Cluster to Speed Semiconductor Energy Lab in Japan

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This week SGI announced that Japan’s Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) has purchased an Altix ICE 8400 for furthering semiconductor technology R&D. With 3,840 Xeon 5600 processor cores and up to 15TB of memory, the system projected to achieve up to a ten-fold increase in application performance. over the previous solution development work on thin-film integrated circuits, liquid crystal and electroluminescent displays, semiconductor thin-film transistors, solar cells, and batteries.

Having previously used an SGI Altix 4700 system, we wanted the fastest available cluster system for achieving the results we need, and expect to gain up to ten times the application performance over our previous system,” said Shunpei Yamazaki, President of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory. “We expect to achieve these results and more with this new system, to the benefit of our customers and the end users of the technologies we will be able to create.”