Sponsored Post: BlueArc and Personal Genomics at Bio-IT World

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The Bio-IT World Conference kicks off in Boston next week with a series of sessions that herald the coming of Personal Genomics.

“There is extraordinary excitement and interest in the field of personal or consumer genomics at the moment,” commented Bio-IT World’s Kevin Davies. “We are in the first throes of a revolution in medicine and healthcare thanks to the collapsing costs of gene analysis and the dramatic success of late in mapping DNA variants that predispose to common disease.”

As the only major event that focuses on the integration of technology for research, drug discovery and clinical trials, Bio-IT World is more than just another tech conference. The IT challenges presented by Personal Genomics and other next-gen applications are staggering in terms of analysis, data processing, and storage. In this space, legacy IT architectures are simply unable to deliver predictable application performance as new instruments come online.

That’s where BlueArc comes in: our unique, hardware-accelerated storage architecture not only allows you to scale in terms of capacity, it adapts to changing data structure environments on the fly. We like to think of it as Intelligent Scale, the kind of leading-edge architecture that can help your enterprise succeed, not only now but in the future that promises rapid change like in no other industry.

Check us out. As a Platinum Sponsor of the Bio-IT World Conference in Boston, BlueArc will be showcasing our unique storage technologies at Booth #326 on April 12-14, 2011.