Video: Green Revolution Brings a Warranty to Immersive Cooling

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Datacenter Knowledge just posted this story about Green Revolution’s new submersive server cooling system.

“Green Revolution’s CarnotJet Submersion Cooling System resembles a rack tipped over on its back, filled with 250 gallons of dielectric fluid, with servers inserted vertically into slots in the enclosure. Fluid temperature is maintained by a pump with a heat exchanger, which can be connected to a standard commercial evaporative cooling tower. The company says its solutions will work with OEM servers with slight modifications (removing unneeded fans, applying a coating to hard drives).”

Of course, the use of dielectric fluid is not a new idea in HPC. The CRAY-2, which was the fastest supercomputer of its day, used immersive cooling back in the 1980s. To me, the most interesting thing about Green Revolution is that they seem to have addressed the server warranty problem.