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Video: LUG'2011 Vendor Panel


In this video, vendors describe their high performance computing offerings for the Lustre file system.

  • Bull. Eric Monchalin presents Bull Positioning in HPC. Start time: 1:25
  • DDN. John Josephakis presents DDN Lustre User Group Update. Start time: 12:10
  • Dell. Jeff Layton presents Lustre at Dell Overview. Start time: 21:02
  • HP. David Korf presents HP + DDN = A Winning Partnership. Start time: 30:06
  • Terascala. Rick Friedman presentsLustre for the Rest of Us. Start time: 35:19
  • Xyratex. Peter Bojanic presents Advancing Digital Storage Innovation. Start time: 52:39
  • Whamcloud. Brent Gorda presents the Whamcloud Overview. Start time: 42:25

Recorded at the LUG’2011 conference in Orlando on April 13, 2011. Slides from the conference will be posted soon at the conference site.

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