Video: 3D Transistors Could Spring Intel Ahead in HPC

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In a press conference today, Intel said today that it will build its next-gen chips with 3D structures, which will allow the company to pack much more compute power in a given space and stay on the path of Moore’s Law.


This video was shot inside the Intel headquarters demo labs during preparation for the first public demonstration of a laptop, desktop and server running microprocessors built with Intel’s reinvented transistors. These new, smaller 22-nanometer transistors hae been built with a novel 3-D design that significantly increases each transitor’s current flow. The better the flow, the better the performance.

Intel’s scientists and engineers have once again reinvented the transistor, this time utilizing the third dimension,” said Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini. “Amazing, world-shaping devices will be created from this capability as we advance Moore’s Law into new realms.”

The new 22nm fab technology will be called Tri-Gate and could give Intel a significant advantage over 2D designs from competitors in the future.