Announcing inside-STARTUPs: Our New Sister-Publication

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I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new sister-publication: And that’s right, there is a hyphen in the URL between inside and startups.

Let’s Get it Started!

Last year at the GTC conference, we noticed that a lot of interesting startup companies were out there that just didn’t fit under the category of high performance computing. Enter inside-STARTUPSNews for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur. While there will be some overlap with insideHPC, at inside-STARTUPS, we’re not just interested in tech companies. In fact, Since Web 2.0 has plenty of coverage out there, we plan to focus on firms that make things and provide services.

To kick things off this week, inside-STARTUPs is streaming the TechCrunch Disrupt show live from New York. Like insideHPC, the new inside-STARTUPs will have fresh content every day, so we hope you’ll check it out and visit often!