Firing Up HP's GPU Starter Kit

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HP’s Marc Hamilton writes about the company’s innovative new GPU Starter Kit:

With the launch of the M2090 last week, I challenged my team to come up with an affordable, easy to buy, easy to install, GPU Starter Kit. HP customers like George Tech have been benefiting from the performance and efficiency of GPU computing with their Keeneland HP SL390 & Nvidia M2070 powered supercomputer for over six months, but I still see too many customers trying to assemble their own GPU systems from the 14 different HP ProLiant servers qualified with Nvidia GPUs, or worse, other vendors x86 systems that may not even be tested or qualified with Nvidia.

My guidelines were pretty simple:

  • Make it a turn-key system, something we can ship from the factory installed in a single rack with all the hardware and software needed to run CUDA-enabled applications when first powered on at a customer site
  • Offer at least 10 TF of peak performance for about $100K