Podcast: The Secret Sauce in Cray's XK6 Hybrid Supercomputer

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In this podcast, Cray’s Barry Bolding describes the secret sauce in the company’s new Cray XK6 hybrid supercomputer. Scalable to 50 Petaflops, the Cray XK6 is expected to start shipping later this year.

Capable of tens of millions of MPI messages per second, the Gemini ASIC complements current and future massively multicore and many-core processors. Each hybrid compute node is interfaced to the Gemini interconnect through HyperTransport 3.0 technology. This direct connect architecture bypasses the PCI bottlenecks inherent in commodity networks and provides a peak of over 20 GB/s of injection bandwidth per node. The Gemini router’s connectionless protocol scales from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of cores without the increase in buffer memory required in the point-to-point connection method of commodity interconnects.

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