Why DoD Wants Cloud Computing

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Kevin L. Jackson writes that U.S. defense and intelligence agencies are moving quickly to adopt cloud computing. While there is a lot of talk about cost savings and higher efficiency, Jackson’s investigations indicate these efforts center around the need for the DoD to exploit information faster than our adversaries.

Cloud computing is unique in its ability to address these critical defense and intelligence mission needs. That’s why cloud computing is critical to our national defense. As a bonus, cloud computing offers DoD and Intelligence Community agencies the ability to increase efficiencies and incur marked cost savings during their life-cycles to alleviate some of the pressure of budget reductions. Moving IT operations to the cloud also will assist in enhanced collaboration.

Are information silos our most formidable enemy? Jackson should know — he’s currently Director of Cloud Services for NJVC, one of the largest information technology solutions providers supporting the DoD. Read the Full Story.