Escape to the HPC Workshop in Centraro, Italy

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Ah, yes, I am daydreaming of Southern Italy in June. Back in the day, I could never convince Sun to send me to this conference despite my best efforts. They have a great agenda, though, and the International Research Workshop Advanced High Performance Computing Systems will take place in Cetraro June 27 – 29, 2011.

“Recent progress in information technology like commodity processing components, multicore, hierarchical memory architectures, fast communication, increased density, virtualization and other middleware software and tools, and new paradigms like grid and cloud computing, have the potential for High Performance Computing (HPC) as a tool to gain much broader acceptance of high-performance computer simulations and data processing, in wider areas of research and industry, than ever before. On the other hand, the extremely fast pace this change is happening causes new kinds of challenges in technological, mental, and even political areas which have to be addressed to enable wider acceptance and implementation of these new technologies and paradigms. Therefore, main aim of this workshop is to present and debate advanced topics, open questions, future developments, and challenging applications related to advanced high-performance distributed computing and data systems, like grids and clouds as mentioned above. In the following, we present just a few examples of topics which are important to being addressed at the workshop.”

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