A Peek Inside Apple's $Billion-Dollar iDatacenter

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Derek Harris over at GigaOm writes that Apple’s new $Billion-dollar datacenter is sporting some impressive specs to power it’s new iCloud service.

The iDataCenter:

  • Will cover about 500,000 square feet — about five times the size of the company’s existing Silicon Valley data center.
  • Cost about $1 billion to build, which is about twice what Google and Microsoft generally invest in their cloud data centers.
  • Puts a focus on high availability, including clustering technology from IBM, Veritas and Oracle.
  • Was set to open in spring after delays postponed an October launch.
  • Is only one of two similarly sized data centers planned for the site.

In addition, Apple reportedly has ordered 12 petabytes of Isilon file storage from EMC. And while Steve Jobs provided few details about the new facility on Monday, Steve Foskett has done an interesting analysis of the press photos as to what kind of equipment is being used. Read the Full Story.

If you’re curious as to what iCloud is all about, Forrester’s Charles Golvin posted some interesting analysis.