Exascale Reality Check Published

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By popular demand, the subscription-only Exascale Report has released their feature story on the Exascale Reality Check along with a string of interesting commmentary from members of the HPC community. The author contends that sufficient funding to develop Exascale computing is not in place, yet many in the community are not talking about the problem out in the open.

Q: What would be the result of the U.S. not driving a coordinated exascale initiative – and not making the necessary funding commitments to a sustained level of R&D for the remainder of the decade?

A: It is the same risk you take in the business world if you don’t invest in R&D. Someone else will get there first, and someone else will eat your lunch. Exascale systems are massive information engines 1000 times more capable than we have today. These systems will, without a doubt, uncover new physics, chemistry, biology and lead to new understanding, products and technologies. They will run missions that are critical to national competitiveness and defense. It requires a wellfunded and well-coordinated initiative to remain in first place.

Download the Full Story (PDF).