Mellanox Optimizes for Low Latency on Wall Street

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Today Mellanox made a set of announcements of interest to Wall Street and attendees of the SIFMA event in New York:

  • Nanosecond-resolution live latency measurement will be demoed this week along with Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance trading and market data.
    • “Nanosecond-level measurement is particularly important for co-located trading systems where component latencies of a few microseconds can have a material impact on system performance. Response times are now well into the sub-millisecond range in many cases. Traders are becoming more interested in monitoring small changes in response time and how they might affect the behavior of their strategies, since it is relative speed, rather than absolute response time, that really determines trading success.
  • Optimization for Correlix’s RaceTeam latency measurement service.
    • Now optimized for InfiniBand, the Correlix RaceTeam service facilitates greater trading latency insight into each transaction and leads to optimized trading strategies, improved customer service and streamlined operations. RaceTeam is an objective latency measurement service that enables trading firms to manage and share real-time Latency Intelligence with their customers, as well as receive objective real-time latency data from liquidity venues.
  • A showcase win at the Canadian Stock Market. Toronto-based CNSX Markets Inc. has purchased Mellanox Vantage 6024 24-port 10GbE switches to accelerate market data distribution and support other parts of the Canadian stock market’s operations.