RSC Showcases Liquid-cooled HPC Platform for Intel Processors

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This week at ISC, Russian HPC vendor RSC demonstrated a new HPC platform with liquid cooling for all heat-emitting electronic components. This is RSC’s second generation of energy-efficient supercomputing infrastructure designs, enabling use of wide range of the motherboards initially designed for traditional forced air-flow cooling.

The novel RSC solution supports widely available server motherboards for the Intel Xeon 5600 series processors.  Employing available components coupled with energy efficiency and the use of flexible infrastructure allows the new platform to be used in the high-performance computing environment and adapted for building cloud computing infrastructure.

“RSC is ready to implement similar energy efficient product designs for the motherboards from any OEM/ODM vendors, which were initially designed for forced airflow cooling. RSC innovative cooling design has already been implemented for server boards from different ODM companies,” explained Egor Druzhinin, Chief Technology Officer at RSC.

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