Tera 100 is Europe's Most Powerful Supercomputer

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According to the TOP500, Europe’s most powerful supercomputer is the Tera 100.

Based around Tera 100’s power and efficiency, over 4,000 bullx servers are grouped together into an ultra high-performance network to form a ‘cluster’ architecture. Designed by Bull on behalf of CEA-DAM, this server architecture follows the SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) model, which is perfectly suited for applications that need to run on a huge number of processors while also sharing a very large-scale main memory of up to 4TB.

The technologies developed by Bull also include water-cooled doors, which cut electricity consumption in half compared with traditional air-cooled solutions and an ultra-capacitor which is a module that cuts electricity consumption by 15%, as it does away with the need to connect to an uninterruptible power supply.

Tera 100 was developed by Bull along with the teams from CEA-DAM (the Military Applications Directorate of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission). Read the Full Story.