The Russians are Coming: T-Platforms Reseller Agreement with AEON Computing Targets U.S. Market

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We knew it had to happen someday, but today Russian supercomputing vendor T-Platforms announced a reseller agreement with AEON Computing, a U.S.-based supplier of HPC clusters, servers, workstations and custom solution. As part of this new agreement, AEON Computing will supply T- Platforms systems, components and integrated solutions to the U.S. high performance computing market. The companies are targeting the high-end scientific and technical computing market where customers require balanced and powerful computing solutions with large storage and fast networking requirements. Anticipated users will range from the largest government and academic research labs to industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, financial, energy research and bioinformatics.

“Signing this partnership agreement with AEON Computing enables T-Platforms to deliver our leading-edge, high-density solutions to U.S. customers, and ultimately this combined effort will lead to a more diversified product portfolio as we adapt our technology to the needs of these new markets,” said Alexey Komkov marketing director for T-Platforms. “We are very excited to be working with AEON, an ideal partner with their strong technical expertise and deep market knowledge.”

Will the day come when U.S. supercomputer centers open their doors to Russian gear? It may be a tough sell in the Labs, but Aeon is extremely bullish on the potential:

“The technological development and success of T-Platforms, cultivated by almost 200 system installations, is a tremendous foundation for this new partnership,” said Jeff Johnson, title, AEON computing. “T-Platforms leads the market in terms of density and they have extensive, ongoing R&D efforts in many other areas of HPC system development. We look forward to working closely with T-Platforms to deliver highly integrated, well balanced HPC solutions to our customers.”

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