At Drexler, Bright Computing Frees Up Users to Focus on Science

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This week Bright Computing announced that the company’s Cluster Manager software is being on Drexel’s most powerful supercomputer — freeing scientists to focus on leading-edge cosmology research instead of managing their complex GPU-based system. The Drexel system is capable of delivering 176,514 GFLOPS of GPU performance, thanks to 68,352 NVIDIA GPU cores and 48 TB RAID disk storage.

Bright Cluster Manager was a good choice for us,” stated Dr. Steve McMillan. “I’m a scientist, not a system manager. The Bright GUI is intuitive and extremely easy to use. I can do everything I need to do on the system remotely — I almost never visit our cluster. I get alerts when attention is required, and am able to hand off much of the overall system management with confidence to an enthusiastic undergraduate.”

The Drexler supercomputer was developed by Advanced HPC, a provider of HPC platforms and Linux clusters. Read the Full Story.