Erlang's Parallelism is not Parallelism!

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In this extensive post, Computer Scientist and blogger JLouis goes the extra mile to dissect the Erlang programming language, urging the reader to go in with the realization that concurrency and parallelism are different beasts:

Note however, while Erlang is not a parallel language, its runtime is rather excellent at forcing out parallelism of existing concurrent programs. So when we say Erlang is parallel, we say that Erlang is parallel in a specific way! The recent years have seen much work in Erlang/OTP on making the runtime concurrently parallel and we are reaping the benefits. The reason can be found in the simple observation that a Erlang program has thousands of processes which gives thousands of executable threads of control. Since you have more than one thread of control, and communication between them is largely asynchronous, you have all the opportunity for a parallel speedup.

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