Green Storage Technology Takes Off for the Sustainable Cloud

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This week Cutting Edge Networked Storage rolled out their new green storage technology for the cloud at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego. The new Power Saving Cloud Archive boasts “up to 90% power savings” and lower TCO for organizations struggling with mounds of unstructured data.

Our new Power Saving Cloud Archive sets a new paradigm toward the deployment of advanced unified multi-tiered storage solutions that provide access at both block level and file level, thereby giving users greater flexibility to handle the full range of data types within the same storage systems,” said Michael Ehman, president of Cutting Edge Networked Storage. “The bottom line is that the Power Saving Cloud Archive architecture is poised to revolutionize the industry by taking unified storage to the next level – into the “Green Cloud” – which will result in unprecedented levels of performance, scalability, reduced carbon emissions and cost savings.

Based on an open-systems approach, the Power Saving Cloud Archive uses EdgeWare for unified storage related functions. Read the Full Story.