Podcast: Are Hard Drives Getting Too Big?

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Storage pundit Greg Schulz asks the question: Are hard drives getting too big?

As I discuss in this pod cast with Rick Vannover of Veeam, with the 2TB and even larger future 4TB, 8 to 9TB, 18TB, 36TB and 48 to 50TB drives not many years away, sure they are getting bigger (in terms of capacity) however we have been here before (or at least some of us have). We discuss how back in the late 90s HDDs were going from 5.25 inch to 3.5 inch (now they are going from 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch), and 9GB were big and seen as a scary proposition by some for doing RAID rebuilds, drive copy or backups among other things, not to mention if putting two many eggs (or data) in one basket.

Download the MP3 or read the Full Story at the Storage I/O blog.