Registration Open: International Conference on Energy-Aware HPC, September 7–9, 2011

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Registration is now open for the Second International Conference on Energy-Aware High Performance Computing.

Power provisioning and energy consumption become major challenges in the field of high performance computing. Energy costs over the lifetime of an HPC installation are in the range of the acquisition costs. Green IT became the latest hype and promises to solve the problem – however, it is beyond the realm of HPC. The greening of HPC is a new research field that attracts many scientists. Up to now we see different approaches on different abstraction levels in an HPC environment. For example, vendors work on power efficient processor architectures and software developers on mechanisms of how to trigger them. However, there is no integrated approach yet that would show ways of how to operate an HPC environment in an energy efficient way. The EnA-HPC conference aims at bringing together researchers, developers, vendors, and users to discuss the energy issue in HPC and to present novel solutions to tackle this problem.

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