Submissions Open: ISC'12 Student Cluster Competition in Hamburg

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While ISC’12 is a year away, I was pleased to hear that the conference will be adopting one of the highlights of the SC conference series: The Student Cluster Competition:

ISC’12 will feature a new activity – the HPCAC-ISC Student Cluster Competition as an opportunity to showcase student expertise in a friendly yet spirited competition. The competition will feature small teams that compete to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of state-of- the-art high-performance cluster hardware and software. In a real-time challenge, teams of six undergraduate and/or high school students will build a small cluster of their own design on the ISC exhibit floor and race to demonstrate the greatest performance across a series of benchmarks and applications. The students will have a unique opportunity to learn, experience and demonstrate how high-performance computing influence our world and day-to-day learning. Held in collaboration of the HPC Advisory Council and ISC, the Student Cluster Competition is designed to introduce the next generation of students to the high performance computing world and community.

The competition will be sponsored by the HPC Advisory Council, which is important as their member organizations really step up to ensure the students get the loaner hardware they need to compete. Submissions are now open!