TACC Celebrates 10 Years of Supercomputing Excellence

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Last week the Texas Advanced Computing Center celebrated its 10th anniversary with an open house event. To kick things off, a new feature story reviews the remarkable accomplishments made by users of the the facility:

“Over the past decade, TACC’s expert staff and systems have supported important scientific work, from emergency simulations of the Gulf oil spill, which helped the Coast Guard protect property and wildlife, to the first models of the H1N1 virus, which enabled scientists to understand the virus’s potential resistance to antiviral medication, to the clearest picture yet of how the early universe formed. In addition, TACC helped predict the storm surge from Hurricane Ike, delivered geospatial support during the Haiti disaster, and is currently providing emergency computing resources to Japanese researchers who are unable to access their own systems in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami.

TACC Director Jay Boisseau is interviewed by Tim Taliaferro, editor of The Alcalde magazine.

Guests gather at TACC’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Colloquium and spend time viewing the 10-year timeline.

TACC staff members gather for a 10-year anniversary group photo.