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World's Biggest vSMP – Polish Supercomputer Center Offers Capacity on Demand

ScaleMP recently announced that the ACC Cyfronet Polish supercomputing center has adopted vSMP Foundation for Cloud provisioning their research community. With 768 cores and 6 TB of RAM, the virtual SMP system at ACC Cyfronet aggregates 64 HP BL490G6 blades to form the world’s the largest virtual shared memory ever deployed by ScaleMP.

As a member of the POWIEW Project that provides the Polish scientific community with access to high performance computing resources for e-science research, Cyfronet needed the largest SMP supercomputer it could get, with the ability to scale for our large memory and high core count needs, as well as a solution that was super flexible,” said Kazimierz Wiatr, Director of ACC Cyfronet. “Only vSMP Foundation from ScaleMP fit the bill: providing us with 6TB of shared memory and 768 cores, using off-the-shelf servers, which can be provisioned on-demand on top of our choice of hardware infrastructure.“

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