100M 3D Street Views Rendered on POD, the Only Bare-Metal HPC Cloud

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This wek Penguin Computing and Earthmine announced that 100 million 3D street-level images have been processed using the Penguin Computing on Demand (POD) and HPC cloud.

During the first years of our operation we ran our image processing pipeline on a mid-size HPC cluster from Penguin Computing,” said John Ristevski, co-CEO and founder of earthmine. “As customer demand increased, we realized that we were reaching the capacity limit of our cluster and also that it was not cost effective to scale out our existing hardware to handle the peak demands in processing. We are now running our entire workload on POD, processing up to 50,000 jobs per day. The quick turnaround of this workload is business critical for us. POD provides the scalability and elasticity we need when workload peaks occur. POD has been easy to access and extremely reliable, and Penguin is continuing to help us optimize our throughput on POD.”

According to Penguin, POD is currently the only public HPC cloud that supports ‘bare metal’ execution of compute jobs, free of the overhead introduced by virtualization layers. Read the Full Story.