Case Study: QLogic Powers University of Strathclyde Studies of Nanoscale Fluid Flows

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Richard Martin at the University of Strathclyde had a serious problem; his HPC system was just not up to the task of running researcher’s parallel programs. In fact, the system would frequently manifest bottlenecks.

We are dealing with workloads that simulate such things as nanoscale fluid flows; complex aerodynamics, the prediction of welding distortion and the analysis of ultrasonic wave propogation. Such workloads require ultra high speed and low communications latency which our previous HPC system simply could not provide.”

Enter Esteem, a QLogic accredited partner who installed a custom-built HPC InfiniBand cluster powered by QLogic’s QDR InfiniBand Edge switches. With 1088 computing cores and 100TB of data storage, the new cluster delivers what Martin calls “application efficiency at scale.” Read the Full Story (PDF).