IBM to Bounce Back with Mira and Sequoia, Powered by Blue Gene/Q

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Datacenter Knowledge takes a sneak peek at IBM Blue Gene/Q supers in the works: the 10 petaflop Mira system at Argonne National Lab and the 20 petaflop Sequoia at Lawrence Livermore.

The Power-7 chip was set to perform at 256 gigaflops per 8 cores and consume 200 watts, where the Blue Gene/Q SoC will pull 204 gigaflops per processor, with an 18 core count, and consumes 55 watts at peak. With a significant increase in performance the Blue Gene/Q chip delivers 15 times as many peak FLOPS its Blue Gene/P counterpart and 36 times as many as the original Blue Gene/L SoC.

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