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Intel Responds to Community Feedback

As the General Manager of the High Performance Computing (HPC) segment at Intel and having the primary responsibility to lead Intel’s efforts to achieve Exascale performance, I want to take the opportunity to respond to this article and reiterate Intel’s key messages from our ISC press briefing on Intel’s Exascale initiative.

First, we clearly see the daunting societal issues that drive the requirement for Exascale-capable predictive modeling, simulation and computing by the end of this decade. We recognize that requirement and growing urgency for compute capability is beyond where business as usual will take us on current product roadmaps. Achieving Exascale performance is a challenge that drives right to the heart of Intel’s corporate mission over the next decade: ‘To create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth as part of our commitment to being “Sponsors of Tomorrow”’.

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